Hull C Buyers Guide | Star Citizen

"Seer the 6th returns and joins Execute as they explore the Hull C and let you know their thoughts and recommendation.

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In this video, the speaker discusses the Hull C Buyers Guide for the game Star Citizen. The speaker starts by mentioning that they have been busy with their job and have switched from working on the tanker program to the P8 program, which is a plane used by the Navy for anti-submarine and anti-ship purposes. They now work in the lab, doing server-related tasks that are relevant to the discussion of the Hull C ship.

The speaker explains that the video will provide a first look at the Hull C ship, with their friend Syria, who is knowledgeable about logistics, offering their opinions later on. They mention that Syria has already asked questions about how the ship loads cargo. The video then shows a walk-around and discussion of the ship’s features.

The speaker and Syria discuss various aspects of the ship, including its cargo capacity, the loading hatch, landing gear, engines, and the presence of docking collars. They also explore different areas of the ship, such as the living quarters, engineering console, and the corridor. The speaker points out some missed opportunities in the ship’s design, such as having more features in the corridor.

The speaker goes on to discuss the ship’s unique shape, which they humorously compare to a certain body part. They recognize that there may be room for improvement in the ship’s design but appreciate its functionality. They also mention the speed of the ship’s elevator and the presence of airlocks for EVA.

Finally, the speaker and Syria discuss the ship’s purpose and who would benefit from owning it. They conclude that the Hull C is a safe option for those focused primarily on logistics and cargo hauling and highlight its potential profitability. However, they also suggest that it may be more enjoyable to own other ships as well.

The video ends with the speaker announcing a giveaway of a pirate-themed Avenger ship for viewers who leave a comment on the video. They also express interest in hearing feedback from viewers about their thoughts on the Hull C and its significance in the game.