How Would We Attack A Polaris? | Star Citizen

“Ese, Badgers and Execute show how they would go about taking on a Polaris!”

In this video, the hosts discuss strategies for attacking a Polaris ship in the game Star Citizen. They each present their own fleet compositions and tactics to take down the Polaris. The first strategy involves using Terrapins, Sentinels, and Eclipses to disable the Polaris’ systems and engines, followed by a Mantis to disable it further and two Eclipses to finish it off. The second strategy focuses on Hurricanes with distortion weapons to disrupt the Polaris’ shields and systems, with support from a Sentinel and Mantis. The third strategy involves disabling the Polaris’ systems and engines using Distortion-powered Hurricanes and then sending in Legionnaires to board and capture the ship.

The hosts discuss the pros and cons of each strategy, considering factors like the Polaris’ firepower, defense, and crew size. They also highlight the importance of experienced crew members and coordination to effectively tackle a ship like the Polaris. The video ends with the hosts inviting viewers to share their own fleet strategies and thoughts on attacking and capturing a Polaris ship in the game.

Overall, the video provides insights into different approaches to attacking the Polaris ship, showcasing the hosts’ creativity and knowledge of the game. The discussion allows viewers to learn from different perspectives and encourages them to engage in the topic by sharing their own fleet strategies and opinions.