How to WIN the Arena Commander Challenge

“I somehow managed to win the arena commander challenge in gun rush! In this video I share some top tips, on how an average player can succeed in this mode!”

The video is about tips for winning the Arena Commander Challenge and winning a free X1 ship. The speaker admits to being an above average player and shares their strategies for success. They emphasize that in gun rush mode, the kill-to-death ratio doesn’t matter, so taking big risks and getting quick kills is rewarded. Stealing kills from players already engaging each other is another effective tactic. The speaker suggests using weapons like the grenade launcher and rail gun on players with low health for easier kills. They also encourage shooting everything and everyone, even if unlikely to kill them, as overall score is important for tiebreakers.

The speaker discusses the importance of mouse settings for accuracy and advises viewers to adjust DPI, arm and wrist aiming, and in-game sensitivity settings for better target acquisition. They highlight the impact of performance on gameplay, particularly the benefits of having a faster CPU and optimizing GPU settings for different maps. Practice is crucial, especially understanding the layout of the maps to know where players typically converge, which areas are good for specific weapon types, and how to navigate engagements effectively. The speaker mentions the use of shotguns and points out their inefficiency, while noting hit detection issues with the grenade launcher and rail gun.

Getting into a game with a CIG staff member is a topic the speaker covers. They recommend spamming entry into the game from the start time and being persistent. Games are three back-to-back rounds, so the chances of getting in are higher than in previous events. The speaker describes their own experience, where they managed to get into a game with a CIG staff member and finished in the top three comfortably. They acknowledge that they are not an exceptional player but credit CIG for creating an event that allows average players a chance to win.

In conclusion, the video provides tips for winning the Arena Commander Challenge, including taking risks, stealing kills, adjusting mouse settings, optimizing performance, practicing on different maps, and persistently trying to get into a game with a CIG staff member. The speaker shares their personal experience of winning a free X1 ship and emphasizes that even average players have a chance to succeed in the event.