How To Use a HOTAS With StarField

In this video, the creator demonstrates how to use a HOTAS setup with the game StarField, which does not directly support HOTAS input. They recommend using the VIGM Boss driver and the Universal Control Remapper software to trick the game into recognizing the HOTAS as an Xbox controller, allowing for remapping of inputs for a smooth gameplay experience.

In this video, the creator addresses a commonly asked question about how to use a HOTAS or Hostas setup with Star Citizen. Since Star Citizen doesn’t directly support HOTAS input, they demonstrate a workaround that tricks the game into thinking the HOTAS is an Xbox controller. To achieve this, two pieces of software are required: the VIGEm Boss driver and the Universal Control Remapper (UCR). The VIGEm Boss driver creates a virtual Xbox controller, while the UCR allows for the remapping of inputs. After downloading and installing both programs, the UCR is launched using the UCR .exe file.

To set up the HOTAS, a new profile is created in the UCR, selecting the input devices to be used. The creator suggests having an Xbox controller image as a reference for easier remapping. For example, to map the right stick on the controller, an axis is chosen from the HOTAS and mapped to the Xbox controller’s twin axis. The process is repeated for all axes to ensure proper mapping. Triggers are handled differently since they are technically axes but can be mapped as buttons if desired.

Lastly, the creator mentions that buttons are straightforward to remap, using the UCR to assign each button to its corresponding function on the Xbox controller layout. After all mappings are complete, the profile is saved, and a shortcut is created for easy access in the future. When ready to play Star Citizen using the HOTAS, the profile is activated in UCR, allowing the HOTAS to be used for spaceship control in the game. The creator encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and consider finding their way back for future content.