How to Survive in Pyro - Star Citizen's New Star System

"If you’re looking to test Pyro, there are some useful things you should know to help you survive. Let me help you make the most of your experience.

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Star Citizen’s new star system, Pyro, is a hostile and dangerous environment where survival is key. It is currently available for limited play testing in the ongoing Tech Preview. Pyro is not yet connected to the main Star Citizen system, Stanton, due to the need for server meshing technology. However, even in this tech preview, Pyro offers a substantial amount of content to explore.

When starting in Pyro, players choose a starting point from a selection of stations. One recommended option is Checkmate station, which offers a lot of content and is controlled by the Rough and Ready gang. Pyro is a system dominated by gangs and criminals, adding to the dangerous atmosphere. Players can align themselves with these factions for various benefits.

Pyro offers a range of missions issued by different factions. Completing missions earns reputation with the respective factions, but may negatively impact relations with others. Though some features, such as reputation awards, gang mechanics, and new mission types, are currently missing from the Tech Preview, there is still plenty to do and explore in Pyro. The stations themselves are vast and labyrinthine, offering numerous opportunities for exploration and encounters with other players.

Leaving the stations in Pyro comes with its own set of dangers. Players must watch out for debris that can damage or destroy their ships, as well as potential encounters with other hostile players. Additionally, Pyro’s star is an unstable flare star that regularly emits radiation and poses a threat to ships and players. Seeking cover during these events is crucial.

Exploring Pyro’s various locations, such as outposts, asteroid clusters, and different planets, offers unique experiences. The planets in Pyro are hostile in their own ways and possess distinct characteristics. Despite the limited features, Pyro showcases the potential for immersive gameplay and showcases the progress being made towards connecting it to the main Star Citizen system.

Overall, Pyro promises to be an exciting and dangerous addition to Star Citizen, with its gangs, hostile environment, and unique challenges. While the Tech Preview does not yet offer the full experience, it provides a glimpse of the vast potential Pyro has to offer.