How To Stop A Polaris From Destruction | Star Citizen

"Badgers, Ese and Execute defend a Polaris from their Fleets of the previous episode…

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In this video, the hosts discuss different strategies for defending a Polaris ship in Star Citizen. They each present their own fleet compositions and explain their thought processes behind their choices. The first approach focuses on using the Polaris itself as the main defense and support, with additional ships like Terrapins and Sentinels providing scanning and long-range abilities. The second strategy emphasizes sustaining the Polaris and picking engagements carefully, using ships like the Mantis, Terrapin, and Sentinel to support and protect it. The third approach takes a more aggressive stance, with an overkill fleet consisting of a Nautilus, Perseus, Hammerhead, and several Hurricanes to hold their ground and engage any threats.

The hosts acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for defending a Polaris, and different fleet compositions will have their strengths and weaknesses. They also discuss the importance of sustainable operations and being able to adapt to different situations. They encourage viewers to share their own fleet ideas and consider the practicality of their strategies with their current groups or organizations. The video ends with a reminder to like, subscribe, and support the hosts on Patreon.