How to roc mine in star citizen

This video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to start rock mining in Star Citizen. It covers purchasing a Grey Cat Rock mining vehicle, obtaining the necessary equipment for protection, navigating to mining locations, initiating the scanning process, and collecting and transferring the extracted ore.

In this video tutorial, the speaker provides step-by-step instructions on how to start rock mining in Star Citizen. The process begins by purchasing a Grey Cat Rock mining vehicle from New Deal in Lorville. It is possible to rent the vehicle if purchasing is not feasible. After obtaining the Rock, players need to spawn a suitable ship, such as a Cutlass Black or a MSR, and travel to Aberdeen on Hurston.

Once on Aberdeen, players need to equip the Pembroke undersuit and helmet for protection against extreme temperatures. They then proceed to spawn the Rock at a Platinum bay and drive it out of the bay and into the ship. It is advisable to lock the ship’s doors to prevent any potential theft. The next step involves flying to a base such as Norgard or Anderson, ensuring it is daytime to avoid crashes due to darkness.

When arriving at the desired mining location, players initiate the scanning process using the Tab button. They must navigate to the smaller diamond-shaped markers and land their ship. Exiting the ship, players enter the Rock and activate mining mode by pressing M. The laser arm extends, allowing them to begin mining the rocks. It is crucial to monitor the laser intensity and keep it within the designated green area to prevent overheating and potential explosions.

Players continue to mine the rocks, adjusting laser intensity as needed. Once a rock has been sufficiently mined, they switch to extraction mode and collect the extracted ore by left-clicking. It may be necessary to move around the rock to access all the valuable ore fragments. After filling up the Rock with ore, players transfer the ore from the Rock’s cargo bay to their personal inventory.

In the next installment of the tutorial, the speaker promises to show players where to sell the valuable ore and explains that the ore obtained from the suit can also be sold for a decent amount of credits. The tutorial ends with a reminder to like, comment, and subscribe to the video channel.