How to get UNLIMITED RARE WEAPONS in Star Citizen 3.19

Star Citizen 3.19 features the ability to keep personal weapons, even if the player dies. In today’s video, it was confirmed how this works. First the player needs to equip a weapon, in this case an F55 from Gemini, to the gun rack of the ship, and then store the ship. After opening the Vehicle Management App in-game, the weapon needs to be removed and then saved. It is then possible to get rid of the ship, by crashing it in a specific location. Once this is done, the ship can be claimed back and the weapon will still be in the gun rack. It is also possible to keep the weapon by repairing the ship for a cost.

It is thought that this feature was not intended to be part of the game, and is expected to be fixed soon. However, it is possible to have unlimited rare weapons as long as you are willing to pay the cost. The Gun Rack is considered a part of the loadout and so saves the general ship’s loadout, including weapons placed in the Gun Rack.

Therefore, players are now aware of how it is possible to keep their personal weapons in Star Citizen 3.19, even if they die. This tutorial explains that temporarily having an infinite amount of rare weapons is possible, at a cost. It is expected that this feature will not remain in the game and so should be used only as a brief guide to understanding the workings of Star Citizen 3.19.