How to get to the Exhibitions at the Vision Center & Defensecon at the ship show during Invictus Launch Week

Hey All,

A very rough guide on how to get to the exhibition centres:

20-27th May: VIsiion Exhibition Center

Prerequisites: Relocate your character to Orison. If travelling from elsewhere, jump to step 5 once you arrive at the spaceport (it’s a long flight to Orison, though!).

  1. From your hab get to the Cloudview platform surface.
  2. Find a shuttle on either side of the Cloudview platform.
  3. If you chose the most efficient side, one marked “August Dunlow Spaceport” a shuttle will turn up and once it departs will take you to Dunlow Station in under a minute
  4. If you chose the opposite side, it will be the second stop
  5. Once you arrive at Dunlow station, walk (or run) a few metres to the opposite end of the shuttle station and find the shuttle for the Vision Center platform. It’s marked.
  6. Once aboard it will take about 1:45 seconds to get to the Vision platform. Disembark and enjoy the show!

28-29th May: Defensecon

Now you may or may not have noticed, but there’s a second location for the exhibition: Defensecon for the Drake session. This is not located at the Vision Center and you will not find the lifts functional there during the Drake sessions. Instead, for the Drake exhibition, on the 28th & 29th of May, you will need to get to the Defensecon Conference which is at the August Dunlow Spaceport. For anyone who knows it, the entrance is next to the Chairman’s Club.

Follow steps 1 to 4 above.

Once at August Dunlow, instead of taking the second shuttle turn in the opposite direction and walk towards the bank of lifts. Take the lifts upstairs and go through customs. Go straight ahead, up the stairs and follow the periphery of the August Dunlow platform (instead of turning right). You will find the lifts for Defensecon within a few metres.