How to get Guardian Vessel Blueprint Segments | Elite: Dangerous

This video explains how to obtain the Guardian vessel blueprint segments in Elite: Dangerous. By locating and activating Guardian beacons, scanning structures, collecting ancient keys, and decoding ancient globes, players can acquire the necessary data to unlock the Guardian fighters.

In this video, the player explains how to obtain the Guardian vessel blueprint segments in Elite: Dangerous. The first step is to locate a dark red beacon, specifically in the Soonavekayu system. Once at the beacon, the player needs to shoot and charge the three pylons that are attached to it. Energy weapons, such as the ax multi-cannon, are recommended for this task. When all three pylons are charged, the structure unfolds, revealing a table-like object.

To scan the object, the player needs to switch to their ship’s data link scanner and then head to the opposite end of the structure from where the pylons are. After scanning, an ancient key is spawned at the bottom of the structure. It may be a bit challenging to collect the key if using a larger ship, but collector limpets can make it easier. Once the ancient key is collected, the player receives a message with coordinates for a new Guardian structure.

Following the coordinates, the player arrives at the new Guardian structure, which is a surface-based structure. The next steps are similar to the previous site, where the player needs to charge all the pylons, defeat the sentinels, and deposit the ancient key at a designated spot. After activating the device, a globe appears, and the player can scan it using the ancient key. Each scan yields a single unit of data, so multiple scans are necessary to unlock all three Guardian fighters.

Overall, this video provides a step-by-step guide on how to acquire the Guardian vessel blueprint segments by utilizing the new Guardian beacons in Elite: Dangerous.