How to Get +50% More Cargo on the Prospector | Star Citizen

This video explains a trick to increase the cargo capacity of the Prospector ship in Star Citizen by 50%. By obtaining better cargo packs from a Salvaged Mole ship and replacing the stock ones, the Prospector can have a cargo capacity of 48 SCU instead of 32 SCU.

In this video, the content creator goes on a mining expedition in Star Citizen using their Prospector ship. They notice that their cargo hold displays 48 SCU (Standard Cargo Units) instead of the usual 32 SCU. The video then proceeds to explain a trick to increase the cargo capacity of the Prospector by 50%.

The trick involves replacing the stock cargo packs in the Prospector with better ones found in the Mole ship. However, Mole ships cannot be bought or rented directly, so there are two methods to obtain the better cargo packs. The first method is to find a friend or someone who owns a Mole and ask them to allow you to take two packs from their ship, reimbursing them for the cost. The second method involves completing a Salvage Mission to obtain a Salvaged Mole, but this requires either owning a trade Vulture ship (which can currently only be purchased with real money) or finding someone who can provide the mission.

Once the better cargo packs are obtained from either method, the stock cargo packs in the Prospector need to be removed using a tractor beam. The old packs are ejected into space, clearing the way for the new ones. The new packs are then transferred from the Salvaged Mole into the Prospector by using the tractor beam. There is no need to align them perfectly; a green silhouette indicates when they are in the correct position.

After the cargo packs have been replaced, the Prospector now has a cargo capacity of 48 SCU. To ensure that the new packs are not lost when claiming the ship or if it gets destroyed, it is recommended to lock all ports before storing the ship at a station. Additionally, a crucial step is to unequip and re-equip any module in the ship’s outfitting menu, using the Mobi glass, to ensure that the new cargo packs are saved even after ship claiming.

The video concludes by asking for subscriptions, likes, and comments to support the content creator, as well as thanking viewers for watching and wishing them success in their space endeavors.