How to Find the Spaceport in New Babbage

“Hi folks - part 3/4 of a quick series helping newer players navigate the major LZ’s of Star Citizen and find their way to the spaceport. Stop number three is New Babbage on MicroTech.”

The video provides a comprehensive guide on how to find the Spaceport in New Babbage, a major landing zone in Star Citizen. It includes tips on locating the Spaceport, a shortcut to reach the city faster, navigating the high-speed trains, avoiding common mistakes, and efficiently selecting and accessing ships in the terminal.

In the video, the narrator provides a guide on how to find the Spaceport in New Babbage, one of the major landing zones in Star Citizen. New Babbage is described as a cold, hostile wasteland with some Alpine forests, reflecting the preferences of the microTech company. The capital city of the planet, New Babbage, is where the Spaceport is located. One way to find the Spaceport is by aligning with New Babbage and jumping to the location just before sunset, where the Spaceport can be easily spotted with its lights. Another method is to follow the train line that runs directly to the Spaceport from the main city.

A tip shared in the video is a shortcut to getting into the city faster by heading directly to the commons area instead of going through the Spaceport. By following the monorail to a point with four domes on an ice lake, players can land their ships outside a surface entrance to the commons area. This trick allows players to skip the monorail journey and head straight to the shopping area in New Babbage. The narrator emphasizes the convenience of this approach for players looking to make a quick stop to buy items.

For new players spawning in New Babbage, the video provides a step-by-step guide on how to reach the Spaceport from The Hub. By taking the Lobby elevator from Aspire Grand, players can reach the Metro Loop that leads to the Spaceport. The futuristic high-speed trains in New Babbage are likened to Japanese bullet trains, adding to the immersive experience of the game. Upon arrival at the Spaceport, players can follow signs to the elevators that take them to the terminal, where they can select their ships from the terminals.

The video also addresses a common mistake new players make, which is confusing the two surface entrances at New Babbage - one at the Spaceport and one at the commons. Players are reminded to use the correct terminal to select their ships, especially if they have multiple ships. The narrator guides players on how to locate their ships in the hangars by paying attention to the ship prompt and using the elevators accordingly. The video concludes with the ship ready for departure, and viewers are encouraged to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more Star Citizen content. The guide aims to assist players in efficiently navigating and utilizing the Spaceport in New Babbage.