How to Find Spaceports at Night | Star Citizen 3.20 Tutorial 4K

"Sometimes it can be difficult to find landing zones at night in Star Citizen, and so this tutorial video guides you to how to find each. This guide includes some cinematic and gameplay footage from Star Citizen.
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This tutorial video aims to help Star Citizen players navigate spaceports at night, addressing the challenge of landing in the dark. The video starts by providing timestamps in the description for different landing zones. For Louisville’s spaceport, players are advised to look for the illuminated teaser spaceport holograms above the hangars or the distinct central tower of Hurston Dynamics. August Dunlow spaceport in Oregon can be identified by its spider-like platforms connected to a central structure that resembles a branching cross. Using external view and adjusting gamma settings can make spotting landing zones easier.

When looking for landing zones outside major cities, the presence of a quantum jump marker can be useful in guiding players until they reach visual range. The New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport is located across a frozen lake near hills. It is also connected to the city via a tram system. The spaceport can be identified by the large Aspire Grand skyscraper outside the city and the presence of red lights on the building. In patch 3.20, the entire spaceport may be lit up from a distance, making it easier to spot.

Lastly, the Riker Memorial Spaceport at Area 18 on the planet Artcorp can be challenging to find due to the cityscape’s poor lighting. Players need to look for a void or gap in the city that indicates the presence of the spaceport. The main thoroughfare inside the spaceport appears as parallel orange lines. Getting closer and flying at a lower altitude can help load more details, and following the thoroughfare leads to the spaceport. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to like and subscribe to the channel and to share any additional tips for navigating at night in the comments section.