How to Easily Gather On Foot Materials WITHOUT Combat in Elite Dangerous Odyssey

This video offers a strategy for gathering on-foot materials in Elite Dangerous Odyssey without combat by looting abandoned settlements. By using e-breaches and a power regulator, players can restore power, disable alarms, and freely loot settlements, making it a safe and efficient method for gathering materials without engaging in combat.

This video provides a strategy for easily gathering on-foot materials in Elite Dangerous Odyssey without engaging in combat. While raiding settlements may not be the most efficient method, looting settlements to gather non-specific materials can be valuable. The video suggests finding systems that are in a state of recovery after recent conflicts, as these settlements are usually abandoned and offer the opportunity to loot without danger. The Defense Council of Humanity’s website is recommended for identifying the systems that meet this criteria.

To begin, the player needs a basic Maverick suit, e-breaches, and a power regulator. Upon arriving at an offline settlement, the player should head to the power center and use an e-breach and the power regulator to restore power. Then, the player proceeds to the command center, using the e-breaches to enable authorization scans and disable alarms. The settlement is now safely accessible for looting.

It’s important to note that occasionally scavengers may appear outside the settlement, but they are not a threat. The settlement can be looted freely, and the player will receive messages from circling ax pilots, but they pose no danger. After looting, the player must remember to retrieve their power regulator before leaving. To reset the settlement, the player can simply return to their ship, engage supercruise momentarily, and then return to the settlement, which will have reset.

For players who are new to Odyssey or lack confidence in combat, it is advised to engineer a Maverick suit for better performance. This will make gathering materials for other weapons and suits easier. The video also briefly showcases a combat scenario for those who feel more comfortable engaging in combat.

Overall, this video provides a step-by-step strategy for efficiently and safely gathering on-foot materials without combat in Elite Dangerous Odyssey. It suggests finding abandoned settlements in recovery systems and using specific equipment to restore power and gain access to the loot. The strategy can be repeated by resetting the settlement to gather more materials.