How to Build the Ultimate Hauler / Fighter in Starfield - Ship Building Guide with Walkthrough

This video is a comprehensive guide on building the ultimate hauler/fighter ship in Starfield, emphasizing maximizing cargo capacity and incorporating powerful weaponry and shields. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on selecting and attaching various components, showcasing a versatile and efficient ship design for players.

This video provides a comprehensive guide on how to build the ultimate hauler/fighter ship in Starfield. The ship is designed to hold over 61,000 cargo and 1,900 shielded cargo, making it extremely powerful. The guide starts by directing players to New Homestead in the system of Sol at Titan to talk to the ship technician and modify their ship. The ship is built using various components from the Nova Two-By-Ones, including the landing bay, workshop, science lab, Galactic Armory, and living quarters. A JS-52 cockpit is chosen for its cargo capacity and aesthetics.

The guide also recommends using the SF40 reactor for optimal performance. The ship is equipped with Uber Galleon cargo holds, which can hold 1,480 each, lined across the top and duplicated on the other side. Additional cargo holds are added to the bottom deck. The landing gear chosen is the NG20 wide variant, which provides four landing thrusts per landing gear, enabling a more compact design. Nova cowling is used to attach the landing gear and cargo racks, and additional cowling is duplicated and attached on both sides.

Shields are added using the SG 3000 Shield, and powerful engines, the Poseidon DT230, are attached to the back of the ship. Fuel tanks are added using the M50s, and more Galleon cargo racks are duplicated and attached. The ship is then painted, allowing for personal customization of colors. Finally, the ship is finalized, and the interior is showcased. The ship features workbenches, research facilities, and pharmaceutical equipment on the first level. The second level includes a bedroom, dining area, cooking station, armory, and plenty of storage space.

In conclusion, this video provides a detailed walkthrough on how to build the ultimate hauler/fighter ship in Starfield. The ship design focuses on maximizing cargo capacity while also providing powerful weaponry and shields. The guide emphasizes the importance of choosing the right components and provides step-by-step instructions for constructing the ship. With its efficient layout and functionality, this ship is truly a versatile powerhouse for players in Starfield.