How to Build the Best Fighter in Starfield - Complete Ship Building Guide with Walkthrough

This video tutorial provides a complete guide on how to build the best fighter in Starfield, referred to as the “destroyer of worlds,” with a focus on long-range capabilities. The walkthrough covers starting at New Homestead on Titan, modifying an existing ship, adding essential components, including various weapons and customization options, and ends with a demonstration of the ship’s combat capabilities in the Serpentus system.

This video tutorial is a complete ship building guide and walkthrough on how to build the best fighter in Starfield. The instructor refers to this ship as the “destroyer of worlds” due to its deadly long-range capabilities. The guide advises starting at New Homestead on Titan in the Sol system and using the ship services technician to modify an existing ship. The video then goes through step-by-step instructions on how to build the fighter.

The shipbuilding process involves deleting unnecessary parts and adding essential components, such as a Nova Galactic Landing Bay, workshop, science lab, living quarters, battle stations, control station, and computer core. The ship also requires certain fuel tanks, a specific grav drive (js52), an sf-40 reactor, cargo modules, shields (SG 1800), landing gear, engines, and weapons.

The instructor recommends using PB 300 Alpha beams and Disruptor Alpha beams as the primary weapons. The ship’s design includes structural pieces for aesthetic appeal, as well as wings made from Stroud engine mounts. There are also additions like portholes, thruster arrays, shielded cargo bays, and paint customization options. The completed ship is described as compact, fast, maneuverable, capable of holding eight crew members, and having a 30 light year jump range.

The video ends with a walkthrough of the ship’s interior, highlighting workbenches, a pharmaceutical lab, eating area with cooking station, chairs for relaxation, a battle bridge for crew members, and additional customizable sections. The cargo hold is also mentioned, with the ship’s capacity being over 4860 before crew members are added. The tutorial concludes by demonstrating the ship’s combat capabilities in the Serpentus system and recommending this location for leveling up piloting skills. The instructor emphasizes the importance of reaching level 4 in piloting and ship engineering to unlock certain ship parts.