How to build the BEST class A ship in Starfield

The video transcript discusses how to build the best class A ship in the game Starfield. The speaker introduces their own designed ship called the “Edge Lord,” which is a large, heavily armored ship without shields, capable of taking on enemy armadas.

The video transcript discusses how to build the best class A ship in Star Citizen, a game. The speaker introduces the Star Eagle from the Freelance Rangers questline as a good option but proposes building a ship capable of taking on a whole UEE Armada without the need for shields. They aim for a ship with over 5,000 hull health, equipped with great weapons and capable of holding a large crew. The goal is to create the biggest ship possible at maximum part limit and utilize an exploit to minimize damage taken. The speaker presents the “Edge Lord,” a ship they have designed to meet these criteria.

The speaker provides a tour of the ship’s interior, starting with the first floor and moving up to the second floor, which houses living quarters and features a window with a view of the ship’s wings. The third floor is the engineering section, also offering views beneath the expansive wings. The fourth floor is home to the infirmary, and the speaker notes the room’s functional value. The cockpit on the fifth floor is called the Aries bridge, offering excellent visibility. Above the cockpit is a simple room, followed by the Captain’s Quarters with a panoramic view.

The speaker then explains the process of building the ship, which involved significant effort and numerous attempts. They describe the ship’s basic structure, consisting of a central spine that runs the length of the ship. The docking port at the top inspired the spine design. The Aries bridge, obtained from Deimos Shipyard, is chosen for the cockpit due to its clear vision. Other parts are sourced from Mars. The speaker opted not to add cargo since the character can carry an infinite amount without penalty. They equipped the ship with two sets of three proton beam weapons for high damage output. The reactor and engines were chosen for their quality, and the goal was to maintain 100% mobility. Shields were not included, as the ship can withstand attacks and be repaired with shield repair kits.

The speaker acknowledges that the ship’s design looks unusual due to the AI’s targeting system in which enemies aim at the ship’s center of mass. However, the ship’s design exploits this behavior and allows it to endure numerous attacks. The speaker adds that the ship’s aesthetics, such as the windows and paint job representing Latvia, are for flair and coziness. They conclude by encouraging viewers to support their content, join the Discord community, and share their own ship designs.