How to build Capital Ships in Starfield

In this video about Starfield, the creator explains how to build Capital ships using commands, while warning about potential issues such as system strain and clipping problems. They also express excitement about future mods that could allow for custom modules and structures, and ask for support from viewers.

In this video, the creator explains how to build large ships, known as Capital ships, in a game called Star Citizen. They mention that it can be done using commands, but warn that this may disable achievements. The size of the ship can vary depending on the player’s system, as building larger ships can cause FPS drops and system issues. The creator admits to having basic design skills but assures viewers that they can come up with their own designs. They caution that the ship may clip with objects at certain landing pads and stations, causing some FPS issues.

The ship showcased in the video includes missiles and turrets placed all over. The creator suggests identifying a specific section of the ship for desired modules and ensuring crew members are not scattered throughout the ship. They show the process of running from the front to the back of the ship to reach the bridge. While the ship takes off and handles quite well, the creator reiterates that they do not recommend building extremely large ships as it can lead to lagging issues and suggest making a backup save before attempting it.

They provide a list of commands in the video description to help others build their own large ships and encourage viewers to join their Discord community and share their designs. The creator expresses excitement for future mods that may allow for custom modules and structure designs, potentially enabling the creation of starships from franchises like Star Wars or Star Trek. They conclude the video by asking for support in the form of likes, comments, and subscriptions.