How to BUILD a space ship Starfield

This video transcription provides a humorous guide on building a spaceship in the game Starfield, covering the minimum parts required, ship mechanics, customization options, and gameplay tips. It emphasizes the importance of credits, ship stealing, and skill unlocking while offering advice on ship design and module selection.

In this video transcription, the speaker provides a humorous guide on how to build a spaceship in the game Starfield. They begin by explaining that players do not necessarily need a better ship, as even the starting one can be sufficient for most challenges. However, for those interested in building their own ship, they outline the minimum parts required, including a cockpit, landing bay, landing gears, fuel tank, docking port, reactor, grab drive, and an engine.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of saving up credits to build a ship and jokes about selling kidneys to acquire the necessary funds. They suggest stealing a ship rather than starting from scratch, and advise players to unlock piloting and starship design skills to have more building options.

The video then delves into the mechanics and balancing of ship designs, discussing how the class of the ship is determined by the reactor and how weight affects jump range, speed, and maneuverability. The speaker explains jump range and fuel as a simplified way of navigating the game world and introduces different ship modules such as cockpits, landing gear, fuel tanks, structural components, and cargo holds. They touch upon shields, engines, and weapons, providing some tips on their selection and use.

The speaker highlights the ability to customize ship interiors, with different modules offering crew spaces and amenities like workshops and armories. They guide viewers through ship modification, including upgrading and painting options. The video concludes with some additional tips, such as not needing an overly large ship and noting that different ship dealers may offer varying parts. They also mention a questline that rewards players with a powerful spacecraft.

Overall, the video provides a lighthearted and informative guide on building a spaceship in the game Starfield, covering various aspects of ship design, customization, and gameplay mechanics.