How Much Money Can a Vulture Make in Star Citizen 3.22

In this video, a YouTuber explores the potential earnings of using a Vulture ship for salvaging in Star Citizen 3.22. They showcase the process of salvaging ships, collecting materials, transporting them, and selling them for a total profit of around 630,000 aUEC in approximately an hour.

In this video, the YouTuber explores the potential earnings of using a Vulture ship for salvaging in Star Citizen 3.22. The Vulture is a more affordable alternative to the Reclaimer for salvaging purposes. The YouTuber starts off by flying to the asteroid belt in the Yela system, where they encounter some challenges with the ship’s equipment. They advise replacing the tractor beam with a larger scraper for more efficient salvaging. They salvage a Vanguard Sentinel ship and demonstrate the disassembling and material collection process.

The YouTuber repeats this process with two more ships, collecting a total of three sets of salvaged materials. They then transfer these materials to a Mercury Star Runner ship for transportation. They showcase the process of loading the salvaged materials into the cargo hold of the Star Runner, utilizing the ship’s cargo grid to stack the containers efficiently. The YouTuber mentions that they could have filled up to 21 or 22 SCU of containers in the cargo hold, with an additional 13 SCU in the buffer.

The video then transitions to the selling phase, where the YouTuber travels to AR Corp to sell the salvaged materials. They sell the Refined Metal Composite (RMC) at the Trade and Development Division (TDD) for a profit of about 230 aUEC. They then proceed to the Admin section of AR Corp to sell the construction material for a profit of 410 aUEC. In total, they earned around 630,000 aUEC from the salvaged materials, which took approximately an hour to collect.

The YouTuber concludes by mentioning that owning an MSR (Mercury Star Runner) is not necessary for this process, as other ships like the Freelancer or Constellation can also be used. They express their enjoyment of the salvaging process and invite viewers to share their own experiences and funny drawings while mining or salvaging. They end the video by thanking the viewers and signing off.