How does MINING Change in Star Citizen 3.19?

In this video, Erad takes a look at the changes to Star Citizen 3.19 that apply to Mining, as well as the new UI elements. Minerals on each planet now vary in abundance and prices, while refineries will be found in the game. We take a look at Microtech in this video, where the new UI elements are much more readable and the laser intensity can be adjusted by pressing and holding left alt and using the mouse wheel. Rocks now vary in size, some small enough to be harvested and some so big that they require a full crew with a mold to break. Additionally, the yield of the rocks has been increased and there is a higher percentage of low-tier minerals, such as Quartz. Refining at local outposts also come with a hefty 6% penalty, so it is usually worth more to not refine the mined mineral. With that, the video ends by giving out a Prospector to one lucky winner from the Gleam contest.