How do they keep this up? IAE, Pyro and free Fly in Star Citizen | Hello Dave 312

In the latest episode of Hello Dave 312, the host discusses the ongoing developments in Star Citizen, including the current Pyro system tech review test and the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. They also mention the departure of Sally Morgan Moore from Frontier Developments and invite viewers to join their livestream to explore Pyro further.

In the latest episode of Hello Dave 312, the host discusses the recent developments in Star Citizen. Since Citizen Con, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has been consistently releasing new content for the game. They are currently running a tech review test for the Pyro system, which will be introduced in version 4.0. This test is still in its early stages and may be unstable, but surprisingly it’s working better than expected. The test will continue until the 15th, with specific time slots available for players to join.

The host also mentions the possible dates for this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which are leaked to be from the 17th to the 30th. The Expo is an exciting event where players can explore and try out different ships for free. Rumors suggest that new ships, such as the ARO SV with a tra beam and a new mining ship, will be showcased during the Expo. Additionally, there might be a free fly event during the same period, allowing players to experience the full game for free.

In other news, it is revealed that Sally Morgan Moore, the senior community manager at Frontier Developments working on Elite Dangerous, has left the company. She has moved on to a new opportunity, although the details of her new job are not yet known. The host expresses well wishes to Sally for her future endeavors and thanks her for her contributions to Elite Dangerous.

The host reminds viewers about the upcoming livestream, where they plan to explore the Pyro system further. Due to the recent daylight saving time change, the livestream will now start at 8:00 GMT. They have a limited time window of two hours to play with Pyro before the server shuts down. Depending on how the livestream progresses, they may continue on the main server or have a discussion about Pyro afterwards. The host encourages viewers to join the livestream and looks forward to seeing them in-game.

In conclusion, Star Citizen has been constantly releasing new content, with a focus on the Pyro system. The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is slated to happen after the Pyro test, offering players a chance to try out ships and potentially unveil new ones. The departure of Sally Morgan Moore from Frontier Developments is noted, and the host sends their well wishes. Lastly, the host reminds viewers about the upcoming livestream and invites them to join in exploring Pyro.