Hornet Mk2 is Coming - What About Other Old Star Citizen Ships

The video content creator discusses the potential reworking and introduction of new versions of older ships in Star Citizen, highlighting the Hornet Mk2 as one of the oldest ships that may receive a modernization update. Other ships like the Aurora, Anvil Gladiator, Mercury Star Runner, and Carrack are also mentioned as candidates for reworks to enhance their design, functionality, and appeal to players.

In the video, the content creator discusses the possibility of reworking and introducing new versions of older ships in Star Citizen. The Hornet Mk2 is highlighted as one of the oldest ships in the game, with a design that feels outdated compared to newer, sleeker models. The Hornet is noted for its lack of popularity among players, attributed to its outdated design and limited features such as weaponry and armor. Rumors suggest a potential Hornet Mark 2 release to modernize the ship’s design and functionality.

Next, the Aurora is mentioned as a ship that could benefit from a rework to enhance its appeal and functionality. The Aurora’s design, particularly its struts and entrance, are critiqued for obstructing visibility and accessibility. Suggestions for improvement include thinner struts or glass struts for better visibility, a larger and more accessible entrance, and the ability for metal panels to open, adding a cool factor to the ship.

The Anvil Gladiator, a small bomber ship, is discussed as needing a rework to make it more powerful and popular among players. The ship’s limited weaponry and lack of bombs are highlighted as drawbacks, with suggestions for additional bombs under the wings to enhance its effectiveness against smaller targets. The potential for reworking the ship to increase its utility and appeal is emphasized.

The Mercury Star Runner is brought up as a ship that could benefit from improvements to its interior layout, particularly in regards to its single entrance at the back and the inclusion of an elevator that is deemed unnecessary and wasteful of space. Suggestions for enhancements include adding a ladder for easier access to the hangar and replacing the elevator with a more practical staircase. These changes are seen as potentially making the ship more practical and appealing to players.

Lastly, the Carrack is mentioned as needing a rework to address issues with looting cargo containers when the ship is in a disabled state. The inability to access cargo containers in certain situations is highlighted as a missed opportunity for players, especially pirates looking to loot valuable cargo. The content creator suggests that a mechanism for opening the cargo containers in such situations would enhance gameplay and immersion. Other ships like the Retaliator, Starfarer, and Reclaimer are also briefly mentioned as potentially needing reworks or updates in the future.