Homeworld 3 - Try It For FREE - War Games Mode Overview

Homeworld 3, the highly anticipated space game, is offering a free demo during Steam’s NextFest event. The demo features the War Games mode, allowing players to control a carrier ship, produce and upgrade ships, and complete various objectives, giving a taste of the gameplay and anticipation for the full release with its expanded War Games mode and immersive story campaign.

Homeworld 3, the highly anticipated space game, is set to release soon. In the meantime, you can try out a free demo of the game as part of Steam’s current NextFest event. The demo features a new mode called War Games, which is separate from the game’s story and campaign. War Games offers a lot of replayability, even in the demo version. You can play it solo or multiplayer, either PVE or PVP.

In War Games mode, you control a carrier ship, which is a step down from the main ship, the Mother Ship. The carrier serves as a mobile shipyard and has defense capabilities. You can produce and upgrade various ships from the carrier. The demo includes three different maps, each with unique missions and objectives. The maps also feature impressive mega structures that serve both visual and tactical purposes.

The demo showcases different objectives, such as escorting transport ships, scouting the periphery, securing areas, intercepting enemy transports, and assassinating targets. The demo’s third map introduces a capture and assault mission, where you must capture three zones to prevent enemy ships from spawning. The demo provides a good taste of the gameplay, but the full release of the game will have even more maps and expand the War Games mode over time.

While the focus of War Games mode is significant, the game will also have a story mode and campaign. The original writer for the campaign story in the first two games has returned for Homeworld 3. The campaign will delve into the story and agenda of a new faction called the Incarnate. The Incarnate ships are tougher than the Hagaren ships, the main faction in the game. Overall, the demo offers a promising glimpse into the gameplay and features of Homeworld 3, with its engaging War Games mode and the anticipation of an immersive story mode.