Hanging on Your Words - [Personal Hangars 2013-2023]

"Have you heard of the Hangar Module?

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The speaker begins by introducing the concept of the hangar module in Star Citizen, which serves as player housing. Players can have multiple hangars in different locations throughout the universe. The size and features of the hangar depend on the player’s purchases and the ships they own. The speaker mentions the idea of a modular system where components of the game are built incrementally, starting with the hangar module and expanding to other areas like dogfighting and planetside locations.

They discuss the potential for customization options in the hangar module and the ability to invite friends over. The hangar expansion system is mentioned, which allows players to add specialty rooms and personalize their space. They highlight the shooting range and obstacle course features currently available in the hangar module.

The speaker explains that in future updates, the hangar module will be completely refactored to a more modular system, allowing for a seamless transition between locations without loading screens. The goal is to have players walk out of their hangars and find themselves in spaceports where they can requisition ships. The room system allows for the expansion of the hangar and the placement of multiple ships.

Personal hangars have always been a part of Star Citizen, and the plan is to continue allowing players to personalize their space and invite friends. The speaker mentions the possibility of having larger hangars with multiple Endeavor modules, as well as the potential to purchase additional hangars at distant locations. However, the hangar module is currently disabled for fixes and there is no timeframe for its return.

Overall, the hangar module serves as player housing, offering customization options, friend invitations, and the potential for expansion in the future.

salt-e-mike reacts:

The video discussed the concept of personal hangars in Star Citizen from 2013 to 2023, highlighting their role as player housing and customization spaces for ships. It mentioned the development process of the game, including the iteration and addition of features over time, while acknowledging skepticism and emphasizing the continued anticipation for the game’s full realization.

The video discussed the concept of personal hangars in Star Citizen from 2013 to 2023. It was mentioned that hangars in the game would serve as player housing where players could park their ships and customize their space. Depending on the size of the ship purchased or pledged for, players would receive different types of hangars. The concept of multiple hangars located throughout the game universe was also mentioned.

The video highlighted the role of Galcot 100 as a respected historian and source of information on Star Citizen. It was mentioned that he has done an excellent job of covering the game’s development and comparing what was promised with what has been delivered so far. The video encouraged viewers to subscribe to Galcot 100’s channel to support his work.

The conversation touched on the idea of hangar modules being released early as part of the game’s development. It was mentioned that players would be able to invite friends to their hangars and customize their space with various options. However, it was emphasized that the game was not pay-to-win, although having a larger hangar would provide more space to carry items.

The video discussed the development process of Star Citizen, explaining that the game would be built in stages and components. The hangar module was the starting point, followed by dogfighting and planet exploration. It was stated that the game would be iteratively built, with features like the Idris ship being added over time. The video acknowledged the criticism and skepticism surrounding the game’s development, particularly regarding the execution of promised features.

Lastly, the video mentioned the temporary removal of the hangar module due to needed fixes. However, it was stated that the concept of persistent hangars and personalization remained part of the game’s plan for the future. The goal was to allow players to store and customize their belongings within their hangars. While acknowledging the discrepancies between promises and actual execution, the video concluded by stating that players are still eagerly waiting for Star Citizen to be fully realized.