GUIDE: How to make a TONNE of money in Star Citizen this Christmas period!

There’s a seasonal “egg hunt” going on in the 'verse at the moment, and it can be very lucrative!

Each christmas present is worth 1,000aUEC of in-game credit, there are hundreds of them … AND THEY RESPAWN!

This all seems a bit generous of CIG, so I’m not completely convinced this outcome was completely predicted, so get in there before they cut it short or the entire 'verse piles in.


Make sure you are equipped with:

  1. A torso armour (heavy)
  2. A large backpack

Travel to a major city. Walking around we found these:

Farm Loop

  1. Find each present, store it in your backpack
  2. When you reach capacity, head to a terminal

  1. Select and sell your presents:

  1. Repeat!

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