Gold Rush in Elite | Free Flt in Star Citizen | Hello Dave π

The video discusses a Gold Rush community goal in Elite Dangerous where players can mine specific materials to progress and earn rewards. In Star Citizen, the game is currently free to play during the Aerospace Expo, where players can test out the Solen alien ship and anticipate the upcoming reveal of a new mining ship during the RSI livestream.

In the video, the host begins by discussing a Gold Rush community goal in Elite Dangerous. Players can mine specific materials and sell them to progress in the goal. However, a new mechanic requires that the materials must be freshly mined and not transported on carriers. The prices for these materials are inflated, making it profitable for players to participate. Those who reach the top 75% in the community goal will receive a long-range pre-engineered mining laser as a reward. Additionally, the host mentions the cancellation of the November Frame Shift livestream in Elite Dangerous, possibly due to the team being short-staffed and prioritizing other projects.

Moving on to Star Citizen, the host mentions that the game is currently in its intergalactic Aerospace Expo, during which the game is free to play for the rest of the month. Players can test out the game and decide if they want to purchase it. The host shares their experience with the new alien ship, the Solen, which is small but highly maneuverable. The ship is considered a starter ship, but its price and competition with other starter ships like The Nomad are unknown. The host expresses excitement for the upcoming expo showcasing RSI, where rumors suggest a new mining ship will be revealed. The ship is expected to be larger than the Mole but smaller than the Orion, and the host looks forward to learning more about its features and specifications.

The video concludes by mentioning two upcoming livestreams. The first livestream will focus on the Expo, specifically highlighting ships from Origin Jump Works and Drake. The host plans to explore and showcase these ships during the livestream. The second livestream will likely take place on Saturday and will showcase RSI, potentially featuring the rumored mining ship. The host plans to provide first impressions and have fun with the ships available in the Expo. Both livestreams will be streamed on YouTube at 8:00 GMT. The video ends with the host thanking viewers and signing off, expressing excitement for the future livestreams and encounters in space.