Getting EVERY Achievement in Starfield

The author embarked on a challenging quest to obtain every achievement in Starfield, exploring the game’s strengths and weaknesses. They discussed their journey, highlighting various achievements, challenging mechanics, quest lines, and their overall reflection on the experience.

The author embarked on a challenging journey to obtain every achievement in the game Starfield. They explained their motivation, which was partially for fun but also to thoroughly examine the game’s strengths and weaknesses. They established a set of rules for their achievement run, such as no cheats but allowing exploits and the use of certain mods. They created a character with a specific background and skills that suited their playstyle.

The author began by completing the initial achievements, such as taking off with a ship and joining the constellation. They noted that these achievements had surprisingly low completion rates among players. They then focused on outpost building and crafting achievements, using macros to speed up the process. They discussed how leveling in the game was a grind and pointed out the low completion rate for reaching level 100.

The author also discussed the challenges they faced with the game’s mechanics, such as the cargo linking system and the lockpicking mini-game. They completed various quest lines, including the space cowboy, the themorphs and the UC quests. They found the stealth mission particularly frustrating due to poorly scripted AI. They also expressed disappointment with the romance options in the game.

Lastly, the author completed achievements related to ship ownership, smuggling, and visiting planets. They described the difficulty they encountered in collecting skill magazines and expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of distinguishing features for these items. They concluded by reflecting on their experience and implying that the time spent on achieving all the goals may not have been worth it. They humorously recommended leaving some of the more tedious achievements aside.