Gatac Syulen: Ship Close Look & Loadout Testing Fun | Star Citizen Ship Close Look 4k

The video provides an in-depth look at the Gatac Syulen, a size three alien ship in Star Citizen, detailing its impressive speed and maneuverability stats, as well as its equipment and interior layout. It also demonstrates various weapon loadouts tested in combat scenarios, showcasing the ship’s strengths and weaknesses in battle and emphasizing the importance of choosing the right weapons for optimal performance.

In this video, the focus is on the Gatac Syulen, a size three starter alien ship in Star Citizen. The ship boasts impressive speed stats, with a maximum nav speed of 1,150 m/s, SCM speed of 225 m/s, and boosted maneuverability of 206° per second. However, it has a high IR signature of 13,664, while its cross-section value is surprisingly low at 1938. The ship comes equipped with two size one shields, one cooler, one power plant, one Quantum Drive, and one radar. It also features three size three weapons and 12 size 2 missiles.

The Gatac Syulen has a cargo space of six SCU, with two cargo holders on each side capable of holding two 1 SCU boxes each. The ship’s interior is divided into three levels, with the first level housing a suit locker, weapons rack, and component controls. The second level serves as a habitation area with a desk, bathroom, and bed, while the third level is the flight deck with radar, Avionics, and cockpit controls. The ship’s lighting can be adjusted using various buttons located throughout the interior.

The video proceeds to test different weapon loadouts on the Gatac Syulen in combat scenarios. The first loadout features three size three omnis Sky laser cannons, which struggle against larger ships due to the ship’s small capacitor. The second loadout utilizes three size three Deadbow ballistic cannons and proves more effective in taking down targets, such as a Carrick and a Constellation Aquila. The third loadout consists of three size three Shredder ballistic repeaters, which quickly dispatch enemies like a Dr. Quair and a Constellation Taurus.

Overall, the video showcases the Gatac Syulen’s capabilities and limitations, highlighting the importance of choosing the right weapon loadout for optimal combat performance. The ship’s speed and maneuverability make it a formidable opponent, but its high IR signature can make it easily detectable by enemies. By experimenting with different loadouts, players can find the most effective combination of weapons to maximize the ship’s combat potential in the vast universe of Star Citizen.