Garman Humble: Security Professional - Part 1

"Garman Humble is here to deliver justice to the mean streets of Area 18

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Garman Humble, a security professional, introduces himself while patrolling the dangerous streets of Area 18, filled with criminals and lowlifes. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared, checking one’s armor and sidearm before taking on the streets. Garman also emphasizes the need to stay loose, as it is the most effective weapon against crime.

He asserts that security professionals like himself are the only thing standing between people and a tragic demise in the gutters. In a confrontational scenario with a stranger, Garman uses his skills to defuse the situation, preventing a potential altercation. However, he is met with skepticism when the stranger learns that he is a freelance security professional. Undeterred, Garman continues to assert his authority.

Suddenly, a criminal attempts to attack Garman, but he quickly reacts, showcasing his agility and preparedness. He neutralizes the threat, saving himself from harm. Despite the potentially dangerous situation, Garman remains unfazed, as if stopping crimes is just another routine task for him. In his usual charismatic style, he brushes off the incident, claiming there is no need for gratitude, and humorously declares it’s time for him to enjoy a well-deserved burrito.

In summary, Garman Humble is a confident and skilled security professional patrolling the dangerous city streets. He emphasizes the importance of preparation, agility, and staying loose. Garman’s quick thinking and decisive actions help him overcome potential threats and maintain order. Despite the dangers he faces, he remains unfazed and even finds humor in his role as a security professional.

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In the “Garmin Humble: Security Professional” videos, Garmin introduces himself as a freelance security professional and showcases his combat skills and equipment. The videos suggest the introduction of a new bounty hunting feature in the game, leaving viewers intrigued and excited for future content.

In the video “Garmin Humble: Security Professional - Part 1,” Garmin Humble introduces himself as a freelance security professional in an urban area filled with criminals. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared and staying alert to protect oneself and others. He showcases his armor and sidearm, highlighting that staying loose and limber is crucial in combat situations. The video ends with Garmin encountering a criminal and apprehending them, showcasing his skills as a security professional.

In the second video, “Garmin Humble: Security Professional - Part 2,” Garmin announces his pursuit of a high-profile bounty located in the Pyro system. He humorously asks someone to watch his ship while he sets off on the mission. Garmin explains that the target is well-connected and may be difficult to capture, but assures viewers that he always has reliable information. As he approaches the target’s ship, it takes off abruptly, surprising him. Garmin then engages in a firefight, ultimately killing the target instead of apprehending him. The video concludes with Garmin and his team making their getaway.

The videos seem to suggest that Garmin Humble may be part of a new upcoming feature in the game called Bounty Hunter V2. This feature is speculated to involve players taking on the role of bounty hunters, going after high-profile targets in various systems. The videos provide a glimpse into the potential gameplay and showcase the action-packed nature of the profession. Overall, viewers are left intrigued and wanting to see more of this new addition to the game.

The voice acting in the videos is praised as being well done, adding to the immersive experience. The humor, particularly the running joke about burritos, is also appreciated by the audience. While the absence of Jacks is noted, the introduction of Garmin Humble as a new character brings excitement and anticipation for future content. The videos hint at the developers’ progress in implementing the bounty hunting feature in the game and leave players eager to explore more of this aspect of gameplay.