Gamdias 240mm Chione M1a - All In One CPU Cooler Review - #gearshorts #nobullshit

The Gamdias 240mm Chione M1a all-in-one CPU cooler is reviewed by a tech enthusiast. The reviewer praises its performance, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use, highlighting the impressive RGB lighting options while mentioning the relatively short hoses as a minor drawback.

The reviewer starts off by introducing the Gamdias 240mm Chione M1a, an all-in-one CPU cooler. They mention that Gamdias is a PC peripheral manufacturer known for gaming chairs, headphones, keyboards, power supplies, and cooling solutions. The cooler comes with a radiator, cooler pump combo, control box, hold-down for Intel or AMD sockets, wires, remote control, and two 120mm fans. It does not require any software and can be controlled using the included remote.

The reviewer conducted tests comparing the Chione M1a to their already installed Corsair all-in-one cooler. They locked the CPU cores on an i5-9600K to 4.2GHz and set it to 1.17 volts. They then rendered a 2K video in Adobe Premiere multiple times to reach thermal equilibrium. The maximum temperature reached by both coolers at 35 decibels was 44-45 degrees Celsius, and at 40 decibels, it was 39-41 degrees Celsius. The results were very close, indicating similar performance.

The reviewer praises the aesthetics and ease of use of the Chione M1a. They describe the fans as the prettiest they have ever seen in person, with a ring frame design and multiple lighting options controlled by the included remote. They also mentioned that the lack of software was a positive aspect for them, as they don’t need to manage settings through another program. They did note that the hoses were a bit short for their particular setup but should not be an issue in a standard case.

In conclusion, the reviewer found that the Chione M1a performed exceptionally well, better than needed, and had impressive RGB lighting implementation. They mentioned the lack of long-term durability testing but highlighted the service fill port as a useful feature for maintenance and basic service. They provide links to the product in the description and invite questions from viewers. The video ends with a final message and music.