Fury LX Buyers Guide - Fury LX and Mustage LTI Package Giveaway | Star Citizen

"Execute & Algared take a look at the pocket rocket from Mira Fury.

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In this video, the hosts announce a giveaway for a game pack that includes the F7A-M Super Hornet and Mustang Alpha ships, both with Lifetime Insurance (LTI). To enter the giveaway, viewers must subscribe to the channel and leave a comment. The hosts discuss the F7A-M Super Hornet ship in detail, highlighting its racing capabilities and its lack of weapons. They compare it to other racing ships and note that it excels in turning and maneuverability but has a slower top speed. The hosts also mention that the ship’s price is the same as other ships in its tier, even though it lacks weapons.

They talk about the ship’s design, including the added thrusters and the similarities to the Razor ship. They mention that some racing enthusiasts have found the F7A-M Super Hornet to be a great ship for certain tracks, while others find it lacking in terms of top speed. They discuss the value proposition of the ship, noting that if someone is looking for an LTI token or a dedicated racer, it might be worth considering. However, they express hesitation about recommending it for its price, especially when there are other ships available at a lower cost.

The hosts invite viewers to share their thoughts in the comments, particularly niche racers who have purchased the F7A-M Super Hornet and their experiences with the ship. They also briefly mention the ongoing Ignition Expo time trials, where participants can compete for prizes, including a F7A-M Super Hornet ship. They conclude the video by reminding viewers to like, subscribe, and ring the notification bell, and they thank their Patreon supporters.

Overall, the video is a buyer’s guide for the F7A-M Super Hornet ship in Star Citizen, discussing its racing capabilities, limitations, and value proposition. The hosts provide insights into the ship’s performance and design features while also offering their recommendations and inviting viewers to share their experiences.