Forget the Space Behemouths, THESE are the Ships we NEED | Star Citizen Hot Tea

"Forget the Space Behemouths, THESE are the Ships we NEED | Star Citizen Hot Tea

We’re getting a new unannounced ship in Star Citizen, but is it the RIGHT ship? There’s a lot of cool ships in Star Citizen but there’s also a gap in ships that can provide a richer experience in addition to earning credit."

In this video, the content creator discusses the upcoming release of a new ship in Star Citizen. They express excitement about new ships being added to the game and compare it to the joy of receiving a handful of gummy bears from a candy machine. However, they do mention that some players have become critical of certain ships, such as the Mercury Star Runner, wanting it to be different. The creator clarifies that there may be confusion regarding certain aspects of the ship’s design, like the smuggling compartment.

They then talk about the different types of ships in Star Citizen, including combat ships, freighters, specialized ships, and multi-purpose ships. They note that the multi-purpose ships like the Freelancer and Cutlass Black are considered the most useful because they can handle a variety of tasks. The creator mentions that during the PTU (Public Test Universe), they felt the absence of these multi-purpose ships and that they are essential for various missions and game loops. They also mention the desire for smaller, versatile utility ships that can handle combat and carry cargo or vehicles.

The content creator discusses the practicality of having a vehicle on board a ship, especially with the increasing presence of enemy AI in the game. They explain that having a vehicle allows players to quickly navigate dangerous areas, such as bunkers or derelict ships, and avoid leaving their vulnerable ship exposed. They emphasize the usefulness of ships like the Cutlass and Freelancer in this regard.

They also express the need for more variety in utility ships, stating that there are already numerous fighter and cargo ships in the game. They suggest a mid-tier utility ship, not as luxurious as the Origin brand but not as utilitarian as Drake or MISC, that can provide comfort and practicality. They highlight the importance of having ships that cater to solo players or small groups.

The video concludes with the content creator expressing gratitude to executive supporters of the game and giving shoutouts to various individuals. They sign off by thanking the fans and inviting them to continue exploring the space simulation world of Star Citizen.