First Vulture Salvage Contracts | Star Citizen 3.22 4K Gameplay

"This video showcases Star Citizen salvage gameplay using the Drake Vulture, including 3 contracts, organising the boxes, and then selling up. The video is set against some gameplay footage from Star Citizen patch 3.22.
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In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the player takes on the first three Vulture Salvage contracts after a new patch is released. They start off with a completely stock Vulture ship, without any upgrades or changes to the loadout. The goal is to complete these contracts and sell the salvaged materials.

The player encounters some minor issues, such as a contract not working and having to switch to a different one. They also experience a scanning problem with one of the salvage ships. Despite these hiccups, they continue with the missions and successfully salvage the ships using the Vulture’s modules. They switch between the cinch modules for stripping the hull and the abrade modules for breaking up the ship into smaller pieces.

After completing the contracts, the player stores the salvaged materials in the Vulture’s cargo hold and hopper. They then head to Microtech to sell the materials. Some of the materials are not accepted, but the player still manages to make a decent profit from selling the refined materials. They decide not to sell the leftover unaccepted materials and instead leave them in space for someone else to find.

Overall, the player successfully completes the three Vulture Salvage contracts, earns a profit from selling the salvaged materials, and showcases the gameplay mechanics of salvaging in Star Citizen. The video provides an in-depth look at the process of salvaging ships using the Vulture and highlights the player’s experiences and strategies throughout the missions.