First Look: MISC Mirai Fury & Fury MX | A Star Citizen's First Look | Alpha 3.19 PTU

Misc Fury and Miss Fury MX are the two new snub fighters recently launched from Mirai, inspired by Xian designs. The Misc Fury features four ungimbled size two laser repeaters and four size two missiles as its primary payload, along with a radar, and cooled power plant, shield generator, avionics and cooler, and a 60k SCU of storage. It has a cockpit, but no jump or Quantum Drive.

The Miss Fury MX stands out with 20 Halo mounted missiles, 12 ignite twos and 8 Marksman ones. It features a blast field and has the same components as the Misc Fury, including a power plant, shield generator and two coolers. It is accompanied by six paint skins, but unlike the Misc Fury, it has no guns.

Both the Misc Fury and Miss Fury MX can be rented or bought for use in short-range space combat, and Mirai plans to give away one of these ships in a monthly giveaway. Urkel has the specs for both of these ships, and should make for some fun gameplay. Maybe, a special port will be made for them to be able to dock with a Mothership. It is an exciting new development from Mirai and a great way to engage in short-range space combat.