FIRST IMPRESSIONS of Star Citizen 3.18.2

The author gives their first impressions of the latest Star Citizen update, 3.18.2, in a YouTube video. They say that money and reputations were not wiped, contrary to the announcement, and that they would have preferred a fresh start. The author says that they were able to complete delivery and FPS missions, even though they were known issues, and that ASAP terminals have been working well, except for the first two hours after release. They also report that they have not died from ship sittings, and have been able to enter and exit ship sittings easily.

The author then moves on to list several negative issues. They report that NPCs are not responsive, and that bunker missions are boring because NPCs are just present but not doing anything. They say that 30k errors still happen, and that they lost 80% of their money in a trade run due to a 30k error. They also report that it can be impossible to call a hangar, and that some planetary outposts have serious clipping issues resulting in low performance and long loading times. Finally, the author warns that players can fall off stairs and die, resulting in a hindrance.

Overall, the author is not impressed with the latest update and says that there are still many negative issues that need to be addressed. They do mention a few positives, such as being able to complete missions and use ships without dying from ship sittings.