Finally Star Citizen 3.19.1 is Here !

Star Citizen is an expansive game that continues to receive updates, expansions and polish. Recently, version 3.19.1 was released which promises to fix a number of issues that have been plaguing the experience. This includes significant game elements such as multiple AIs in multiple locations that have been reducing server performance. Additionally, an issue causing debris to obstruct and not clear from hangars has been fixed, and medical bay beds causing on-screen absorption in hangars should no longer be an issue.

Claims delivered should not go to the wrong location, and the Star Citizen mining experience should be much smoother with optimal range no longer causing damage to player ships. FPS bugs have also been addressed with the ASAP refactor, meaning the game should feel much smoother and the Fury should appear more polished. The new version also fixed various crashes both on the client and server side, and issues such as player corpses not despawning over time have been addressed.

Overall, the update to version 3.19.1 promises to elevate the Star Citizen experience to the next level, allowing for a more enjoyable online experience for all players. The improved stability should bring greater reliability and more consistent performance. Fans of Star Citizen can now look forward to a smoother, more polished gaming experience as they explore the universe.