Fatterpillar Has A Unique & Confusing Feature ( Ironclad Q&A ) Star Citizen

The video discussed the Ironclad Q&A for the Fatterpillar, comparing it to competitors like the Anvil Liberator and Crusader Hercules. It highlighted the Ironclad’s unique features such as its impressive cargo capacity, retractable enclosure, repair capabilities, self-destruct systems, and potential as a mini-carrier, while addressing concerns about its cargo bay design, compatibility with other modules, lack of air shield, and limitations in ship dimensions that can fit inside.

In the video, the Ironclad Q&A for the Fatterpillar was discussed, surprising viewers with its early release. The main competitors of the Ironclad were identified as the Anvil Liberator and Crusader Hercules, with the Ironclad surpassing them in cargo capacity. The video highlighted the cargo area being on the starboard side of the ship, with a retractable enclosure, raising questions about its exposure. The Ironclad’s cargo capacity was compared to the Hercules, showcasing its impressive 1536 seu compared to the Hercules’ 696 seu.

The video delved into whether the Ironclad could be used as a mini-carrier and the maximum ship dimensions that could fit through its retractable roof. It was revealed that the cargo bay was not designed for standardized hangar dimensions, limiting the maximum length of ships that could fit. High-quality renders provided insight into the dimensions, suggesting ships like the Gladiator, SRV, and 300 series could potentially fit inside. The discussion also touched on the possibility of an armory in the Ironclad Assault version, with plans to locate it near the central area for easy access.

The video explored the Ironclad’s repair capabilities, indicating that the repair facilities were not restricted by type but by volume and resources. The self-destruction feature of the Ironclad was detailed, with two independent self-destruct systems in the Command Module and the main hull. The video addressed the compatibility of the Command Module between the Ironclad and Caterpillar, revealing slight redesigns in the Ironclad’s module. The Ironclad’s exclusive flying from the Command Module and the consequences of detaching it were discussed, highlighting the loss of independent flight for the main hull.

The video raised questions about insurance handling, gravity in the cargo bay, and the presence of an air shield over the top. It was clarified that there is no air shield at the top of the cargo bay, posing challenges in scenarios where care must be taken to avoid falling into the void of space. The discussion also covered the interior turret being a defense turret and the absence of tractor beams in the Ironclad Assault version. The presence of a Quantum Drive in the Command Module and the heavy armor representation in-game were also addressed, along with the ship’s versatility compared to its competitors. Overall, the video provided detailed insights into the unique features and capabilities of the Ironclad, sparking discussions among viewers about its potential uses and limitations.