Fancy Audio Tech - 3.20 Backend Changes & CitizenCon Details Soon | Star Citizen This Week

This week in Star Citizen, the official content from CIG includes an episode of Inside Star Citizen focusing on audio reverberation technology and Star Citizen Live showcasing a new mission created using the mission tools. The presenter also shares updates on Ship Showdown, hints at upcoming CitizenCon details, and discusses upcoming videos on their channel.

This week in Star Citizen, the official content from CIG includes a Thursday episode of Inside Star Citizen, where the audio team will discuss their work on audio reverberation technology. This technology, called the Claudia system, not only helps fix audio issues in the game but also allows for impressive features like sound propagation. While sound propagation may not be covered this time, the reverberation tech will be showcased.

On Friday, Star Citizen Live returns with Elliot playing through a new mission he created using the new mission tools. This episode will likely provide a glimpse at new gameplay and showcase the effectiveness of the mission tools. It will also be relevant to the development of the bounty hunting career path, specifically the capture and delivery mechanics.

Throughout the week, backers can participate in Ship Showdown phase one, where they must make noise about their favorite ship to progress it through the phases and potentially crown it as the number one ship. The presenter expresses personal support for the Drake Cutlass but invites viewers to share their ship preferences in the comments.

CitizenCon, the annual Star Citizen event, is just a little over two months away. While no specific details are available yet, more information about the event is expected to be released soon. Additionally, the presenter mentions working on a video discussing their expectations for CitizenCon.

In terms of Alpha 3.20, a new patch for the Evocati was released a few days ago, bringing updates to Arena Commander and Easy Entity. There is anticipation for another new build tonight, which would move the game into the new 3.20 branch. The presenter plans to cover these updates in dedicated videos and hopes to see what back-end work has been done for the 3.20 version. They also mention other upcoming videos on their channel, including a review of VKB controls and their hardcore Zero to Hero series.