Exploits, Exploiters, and Why Master Modes Destroys Them All | Star Citizen

"In this video, I wanted to take the time to address, in specific detail, the concerns and arguments presented by some members of the community regarding master modes in Star Citizen. Much of this video will focus on flight behavior like tricording which CIG has now correctly called out as an outright exploit, and how master modes will address and end this gatekeeping kind of flight behavior.

To quote the legendary John Carmack of Quake fame: “Just because people have practiced hard to allow themselves to take advantage of [an exploit] doesn’t justify its existence.”

I know I’ve done videos on master modes in the past, but I see so few people fully grasping master modes and why it works that I felt compelled to explain and deal with some of these concerns, while hopefully providing a better understanding of what it means for the community.

I also dive into a little game history as to how we got here, and why I view things like master modes as a positive inevitability for any"

The video discusses the controversial upcoming change to Star Citizen known as Master Modes. The author believes that this change is positive and necessary for the game’s development. Concerns about Master Modes favoring larger groups are addressed by suggesting the introduction of area of effect abilities and specialized weapons to allow smaller, organized groups to compete. The author also acknowledges the concern about extended weapon ranges, but argues that they can be balanced by introducing constantly regenerating shields for all ships. The third concern about Master Modes dumbing down the game is dismissed, with the author stating that it simply shifts the focus from individual mechanical skill to cohesive group skill. Lastly, the removal of maneuvers like Tri cording and 45s is seen as a positive change that eliminates exploits and gatekeeping in PvP.

Overall, the author believes that Master Modes will benefit the game and that the concerns raised by some players can be addressed through balancing and design adjustments. They argue that the introduction of area of effect abilities, constantly regenerating shields, and the removal of exploits will create a more balanced and accessible gameplay experience. The author also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and coordination in the new system, which will determine victory in battles and larger conflicts. They believe that those who are proficient in the current flight model will excel in the new system, while those who struggle will have the opportunity to gradually improve their skills.