Experiencing Starfield for the First Time Gameplay

“Welcome to Starfield! I can’t believe I’m finally playing it. This is my first experience with Starfield and I have to say, so far, it’s really good. Thanks for watching and hanging out :)”

In this gameplay video of Starfield, the player is introduced to the game’s setting and storyline. The player’s character, Heller Keller, is a miner working for Argos Extractors on the moon of Vectora. They are accompanied by their boss, Lynn, and colleague, Barrett. As they begin their mining operation, they encounter some banter and hints at a mysterious artifact they will be searching for. The player navigates through the mining outpost and explores the various areas, interacting with objects and collecting resources. They also encounter enemy pirates and engage in combat using different weapons. Throughout the video, the player gains XP, discovers hidden items, and progresses the story.

The player customizes their character at the beginning of the game, choosing their appearance and background, such as being an explorer or gangster. They also have the option to choose different skills and attributes that will affect their gameplay. The player explores the Starfield universe, traveling to different planets and engaging in various activities such as mining, combat, and scanning for resources. They encounter friendly and hostile NPCs, loot valuable items, and uncover the mysteries surrounding the artifact they discovered during their mining operation. The player is also introduced to Vasco, an AI companion who provides assistance and dialogue during the gameplay.

Throughout the video, the player showcases the game’s stunning visuals and immersive sound design. They navigate through intricate environments, finding hidden areas and interacting with objects. They also demonstrate combat mechanics, utilizing both laser weapons and ballistic weapons to defeat enemies. The player engages in dialogue options, successfully persuading characters to reveal information or make certain choices. They also engage in various gameplay activities, such as resting to heal or fast traveling to different locations.

Overall, the gameplay video of Starfield provides an exciting glimpse into the game’s setting, storyline, and mechanics. The player explores the mining outpost, encounters enemy pirates, collects resources, customizes their character, and progresses the narrative. The game’s detailed visuals, immersive sound design, and variety of gameplay activities make for an engaging and enjoyable experience.