Everything Wrong with Star Citizen 3.20

This video highlights several issues players have been facing in the latest version of Star Citizen, 3.20. Problems include bugs with looting gear, ship persistence, constellation ownership, default key bindings, audio errors, AI-controlled lasers, extreme weather conditions, and various glitches with different ships and gameplay elements.

In this video, the creator discusses the known issues and problems players have been encountering in the latest version of Star Citizen, version 3.20. They start by mentioning a bug where gear or equipment looted from NPCs cannot be equipped in a new game session. The workaround for this issue is to move the looted gear to a ship or local inventory before attempting to equip it. Ship persistence is another problem, where ships cannot be properly delivered or stowed before logging out, resulting in their loss unless retrieved and stored beforehand.

The creator also points out issues regarding constellation ownership, specifically with the snub fighters spawning in a vertical position and clipping through the ship’s hull. There are default key binding changes that have not been updated in the game, causing confusion for players. An audio error with the azab terminal falsely indicates that hangars are full and in use. It is mentioned that this error should be ignored.

Other problems mentioned include issues with Arena Commander invites showing empty lobbies, malfunctioning missiles when using target lock on the Anvil Ballista, missiles not charging when the ship is powered on, partial control loss when exiting a pilot seat, and AI-controlled enemy lasers penetrating shields. Extreme weather conditions in Larville continue to affect players indoors, making movement difficult. The Argo raft is not available as an option for collecting refinery orders, and attempts to salvage a destroyed Drake Caterpillar result in invalid material.

Additional issues mentioned include ATC occasionally failing to detect ships for cargo unloading, impounded HULL-C respawning with extended cargo spindles, and various issues with the Mercury Star Runner, such as the RAM not extending enough and client crashes around Larville. The Drake Cutlass hatches, shuttles, elevators, and train times also have their own set of glitches. Party members can become invisible to each other, and cargo is sometimes invisible but can still be transported and sold normally.

The game launcher may experience issues after a server crash and the select system menu can be empty in rare cases. The recommended solutions for these problems are either to use the character repair tool, leave and rejoin the game instance, restart the game and launcher, or wait a few minutes before restarting the application. The creator concludes the video by thanking their supporters and mentioning an upcoming giveaway video, as well as encouraging viewers to share their own experiences with these issues in the comments section.