Everything in Star CItizen's 3.20.x Updates | Hull C, Spirit C1, SRV, Gameplay, HDR, + More

Star Citizen’s 3.20.x updates bring a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. These include the addition of the Seraphim Station, changes to mining and ground vehicle handling, updates to Arena Commander, the introduction of new ships like the Hull C and Argo SRV, and various quality of life improvements.

The 3.20.x updates for Star Citizen introduce several new features, fixes to stability and performance, and improvements to gameplay. One notable addition is the Seraphim Station, a fully supplied cargo port stationed above Crusader, providing services in the Crusader planetary system. The ongoing cargo refactor now includes multiple sizes of SU boxes, and the multitool has been buffed to allow for moving and storing these boxes. A new Salvage Mission from the Tarpits faction offers a focused hull scraping gameplay experience.

Mining has been further developed with changes to mineral distribution, instability mechanics, and a UI update that allows players to see the SCU yield of a rock before mining. Ground vehicles have improved handling and react more realistically to different surfaces, making the experience more immersive.

Arena Commander, the simulation mode in Star Citizen, has received significant updates, combining PVP and PVE quick action into a single mode. There are new modes, maps, and features like tank battles and improved matchmaking. Experimental mode introduces the Master flight model for testing and feedback, which focuses on slower combat speeds and higher navigation speeds.

In terms of ships, the highly anticipated Hull C, with its massive cargo capacity of over 4,600 SCU, has been added to the game. This ship is expected to bring about changes to cargo hauling mechanics and the economy over future updates. Other ships introduced include the Marai Fury LX racing variant and the Argo SRV, a tugboat capable of hauling away ships, asteroids, and derelicts.

The update also includes bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and stability plans. Anti-combat logging measures have been implemented to persist player ships and bodies for a short period after logging off. Moderation tools have been added to restrict comms calls and hide notifications from certain players. Quantum travel HUDs have been aligned, readability of the mobiglass menu has been improved, and cargo manifests have been added to missions. Many other bug fixes and improvements have been made to various aspects of the game.

Overall, while there are still some issues and bugs to be addressed, the 3.20.x updates for Star Citizen show promising improvements to stability, performance, and gameplay. The additions of new ships, gameplay features, and quality of life improvements make it an interesting time to jump back into the game. The focus on stability and bug fixes in this update sets a foundation for future updates and the development of the game.