Elite Dangerous - SHIP INTERIORS...What if?

"An exploration of the many possibilities that ship interiors could bring to Elite Dangerous. From salvaging to research, from crew interactions to EVA. As with everything in Elite there is a lot of untapped potential and ideas.

If you wo"

Ship Interiors as a feature for Elite Dangerous can be a dream come true for some gamers. Its vast complexity can add replayability and enjoyment while also providing a more detailed gaming world. With Ship Interiors, players could undertake salvaging operations with procedurally generated layouts, hazards, and rewards which could add tension and timing elements. To extend the feature, Ship Interiors can also be used for Extra-Vehicular Activities and Tactical Experiences in various ships. Furthermore, a range of other in-game scenarios such as ship maintenance, emergencies, NPC interactions, smuggling, scientific research and tactical briefings could be included as possible gameplay.

Smuggling could be a more detailed mechanic system which requires players to find and disable secret compartments of their ship, and even manually unload cargo while battling law enforcement. Additionally, in-depth scientific research could involve discovering artifacts and deciphering ancient languages, with activities contributing towards real world science. Finally, tactical briefings and upgrading ships add to the immersiveness of the feature, where players can set up plans, find or earn schematics and materials to make improvements.

Ship Interiors are a feature of immense value for many Elite Dangerous players, that could be a worthy undertaking if integrated well into the game. Care must be taken to avoid any grinder based gameplay or mini-games in favour of full in-world missions. Conceptual ideas are widely available to draw inspiration from, such as GTA or EVE Online, that can add story elements and variety to the game. Ultimately, with how in-depth and impactful this feature could be for players of Elite Dangerous, the potential and satisfaction it could bring is worth the effort.