Elite Dangerous News: UPDATE 15 Features, Bugs & Discoveries

Update 15 of Elite Dangerous News was revealed this week. This update contains a range of new features, tweaks and fixes to the game, most notably the addition of Relative Mouse mode which allows keyboard and mouse users to toggle mid-flight. It also brought a handy system map feature of stacking Fleet carrier icons for better navigation, except for one’s own Fleet carrier which appears separately - a great way to spot Camping Co-op systems. The Caustic Synk Launcher feature has cause some confusion in that it can no longer be modified by engineering.

Also included in the update is the new Anti-Thargoid Power Restoration mission variant which has seen some reports of the mission not progressing when the power has been restored, as well as buildings that come pre-installed with a fire that can’t be extinguished by venting the internal atmosphere. The Odyssey’s handheld profile analyzer scanner has been seen to impart physics into objects however this seems to be an unintended behaviour.\n" +

Finally, some new ads have been popping up on starports, mostly promoting Azimuth Biotech and Federal election candidates, and the Scouts have been seen to have increased in strength. Thargoids have also been observed to emit a periodic electrical pulse which may have a variety of uses. Frontier will be hosting an update 15 live stream this Thursday where the new features and fixes are likely to be discussed.