Elite Dangerous News: FDEV Restructure, Update 17 Tips & Tricks

This video discusses the new updates in Elite Dangerous, including the introduction of Thargoid Spire sites and the gathering of Spire Refinery Compound. It also mentions the recent staff cuts at Frontier Developments, expressing uncertainty about the impact it may have on future development of the game.

In this video, Commander Burr provides a quick guide to update 17 in Elite Dangerous. Update 17 introduces the final phase of the Thargoid Matrix sites, now known as Thargoid Spire sites. These sites are massive, up to 6 km tall, and players can land their ships on the unfolded petal portions of the spires. There are nerve clusters on the spires that can be shocked using energy transfer tools, which will open up a new gatherable material called Spire Refinery Compound. Players can sell this material to Professor Palin’s secret Community goal at the barkeep in the Ark system. Additionally, there are other materials that can be gathered from the structures around the base of the spires.

In terms of Frontier Developments, the company announced staff cuts as part of an organizational review. This decision was made due to disappointing financial performance and challenging industry conditions. The cuts seem to primarily affect roles in marketing, community management, game capture, and IT development. The impact on future development of Elite Dangerous is uncertain, but there is a possibility that it may slow down until Frontier reaches a better financial position. However, Elite Dangerous remains an important pillar of success for the company.

Commander Burr reminds viewers that the true impact of staff cuts is on real people with lives and concerns about their future. The video concludes by asking viewers if they will be exploring the Thargoid Spire sites, participating in Palin’s secret Community goal, and how they think the future of Elite Dangerous will unfold.