Elite Dangerous: Is Titan Mining Worth it? Spaceship Aerodynamics

In this video, Commander Burr discusses the aerodynamic qualities of ships in Elite Dangerous and the introduction of the subsurface extraction missile for Titan mining. While Titan mining offers excitement, it may not be worth the effort for all players, and Commander Burr suggests that a more engaging and rewarding experience would be desirable.

In this video, Commander Burr discusses two topics related to Elite Dangerous. The first topic is an in-depth analysis of the aerodynamic qualities of the ships in the game. Commander Sovereign Winter has used computational fluid dynamics to analyze and visually demonstrate the performance characteristics of the Sidewinder and the Alliance Chieftain in an atmosphere. The analysis results may not be surprising, but they offer fascinating insights into the game’s ships.

The second topic is the introduction of the subsurface extraction missile, a new tool for Titan mining. This missile has been released for unlicensed use and can be purchased from the rescue Mega ships in the game. To participate in Titan mining, players need a fast, heavily engineered ship with certain equipment like cortic sink launchers, thargoid pulse neutralizers, and extraction missile launchers. The mining process involves navigating through dangerous areas, avoiding thargoid craft, and using the extraction missile to collect human-filled Xenopods from the Titan’s hotspots. Despite the excitement and peril of Titan mining, the gameplay reward of mining pods from the Titan’s exterior may not be worth the effort for all players.

Commander Burr expresses his concern that the implementation of Titan mining may exclude a large portion of the player base who may not have the time, patience, motivation, or skill set to achieve the required tasks. He suggests that a more engaging and rewarding experience, like a mission to shut down the Titan’s heart or disable the Proteus field, would be more desirable. In comparison, regular subsurface mining seems to be a quicker, safer, and more profitable activity.

Commander Burr concludes the video by asking viewers if they have visited the Titans, tried extracting pods, and if they are compelled to continue doing so. The video ends with a reminder to leave comments and updates and a farewell until the next video.