Elite Dangerous Controlled Chair - Cockpit Reviews S3E3

In this episode of Cockpit Reviews, the host explores three different home cockpit setups, including a compact racing seat setup, a DIY wooden frame setup with VR and custom controls, and a unique cabinet setup with dual monitors. Viewers are encouraged to submit their own setups for future episodes, highlighting the importance of passion and creativity in creating unique cockpit experiences.

In this episode of Cockpit Reviews, the host takes a look at three different home cockpit setups. The first one features a compact setup with a racing seat and a Thrustmaster setup. The joystick is mounted on a pole, and a keyboard is attached to it with a trackpad on the side. There’s also an extra button box and field notes for convenience. The setup is mobile and can be moved when not in use.

The second cockpit is a DIY build with wooden frames and armrests taken from a decommissioned couch. The setup includes a VR headset and an Arduino board connected to a “butt kicker,” which creates vibrations in sync with events in the game. The setup also includes a custom-built sidecar control panel with buttons, a joystick, knobs, and a slider. The host appreciates the passion and resourcefulness displayed in this setup.

The third cockpit is housed inside a cabinet, a unique setup not seen before in this series. It includes two monitors, a joystick, and a headset stand. The PC is a 12-year-old model with an NVIDIA GTX 970 and 60GB of RAM. The host speculates that there may be a RAID 0 configuration for the SSDs in the cabinet. The lack of air filters on the cabinet is noted, and the cleanliness of the setup is appreciated.

The host encourages viewers to submit their own home cockpit setups for future episodes, emphasizing the value of passion and creativity in building unique setups. The episode concludes with a reminder to send pictures and a short description of their setup to be featured in future episodes.