Drydock: RSI Galaxy | Star Citizen 4K

“As a change from looking at in-game ships, this video delves deep into the RSI Galaxy modular multi-role ship in Star Citizen. The course of the video considers the history, specifications, as well as potential uses for the Galaxy.

The RSI Galactica is an upcoming ship in the game Star Citizen. It is designed to be versatile and modular, allowing players to customize its loadout for different roles. The ship is still in development, but it has generated excitement among players due to its stylish design. The Galactica was recently announced in November 2022 and was offered for sale during the Star Citizen Black Friday sale.

The ship’s main feature is its modular design, which allows players to swap out a central module to change its purpose. The currently announced modules include cargo hauling, medical, and refining. The ship has a length of 110 meters and a width of 60 meters, similar in size to the Carrack ship in the game. It has various components such as radar, power plants, coolers, and a shield generator.

In terms of armament, the Galactica has three remote turrets with twin size 5 weapons and two missile hardpoints. The ship’s crew specifications state a minimum crew of one and a maximum crew of six. It has amenities like an office, bedrooms, communal spaces, and a hangar for loading and unloading cargo. The hangar can accommodate smaller ships and has additional storage space when equipped with cargo or refinery modules.

The Galactica’s versatility makes it suitable for various gameplay roles, such as cargo hauling, medical support, and escorting smaller mining ships. It may also be used as a floating hospital due to its medical module and hangar for rescuing injured parties. However, it is not as suited for combat due to its single large shield generator and limited hangar space for combat capable snub fighters.

Overall, the Galactica offers players a unique and futuristic-looking ship with modular capabilities. While it may not be practical to swap modules frequently, it provides options for players to customize their gameplay experience. The ship’s release date and final features are still subject to change, but players are excited to see it in action in the game.