DRAMA! More To The Medrunner Story Than You Knew

The drama began when an individual posted a video claiming midRUNNERS, a group in a game universe, “suck”. This video was then taken down after the midRUNNERS issued a copyright strike against the individual. The individual then started to look into what had happened, discovering some interesting aspects of the game, and the issue of griefers taking away people’s agency to play the game. Furthermore, this individual noticed that a group, called “GriefNET”, were behind this particular activity.

Griefers have been exploiting loopholes in the game to prevent others from playing it in the way they wish to, or in some cases, as previously mentioned, take away people’s agency to play the game. An example of this is when someone tries to call a medical beacon, griefers would intercept this and set an ambush instead. This was going on for months, and no one seemed to be reprimanded or banned for this action, although anyone who experienced this should have raised a ticket with the game producers.

Arc came across this story and exposed this group of griefers. He then communicated with the midRUNNERS support with what he had found, and was able to have the video reinstated. Arc suggested that midRUNNERS try and stream their operations, as this might get the attention of the game producers and hopefully resolve the issue. In conclusion, the whole episode highlighted the importance of agency in this game and the issue of excessive griefing.